Team Datacom

$5,254.10 raised so far

$5,000.00 goal

Our Story

Datacom is proud to support the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic again this year. As always our focus is participation and we welcome staff, business partners, family and friends to cycle, volunteer or donate. The rides themselves are through spectacular scenery with options for all types of riders.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Aussies aged 15 to 44 with on average eight people ending their lives every day. This is twice the number of people who die on our roads, yet double the funds are spent on road safety as on suicide prevention.

Last year, Lifeline was able to answer 85% of the one million calls it received from people in crisis. Your donation will help Lifeline answer more of these calls as well as offer counselling and support to people in need. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Datacom is an enthusiastic supporter of Lifeline and among other efforts we were again a proud Gold sponsor of Lifeline’s Sapphire Gala Ball in 2107.

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
Hugh Jones   CAPTAIN $2,835.10 $3,000.00 Donate
Faz Majedi    $509.00 $500.00 Donate
Glenn Rowe    $340.00 $250.00 Donate
Allan Swann    $305.00 $250.00 Donate
Paul Newell    $265.00 $100.00 Donate
Wei Wang    $215.00 $250.00 Donate
Peter Schouten    $205.00 $100.00 Donate
Jonathan Gooding    $195.00 $250.00 Donate
Guillermo Diaz    $155.00 $100.00 Donate
Cameron Neale    $115.00 $250.00 Donate
Starlin Rajendran    $115.00 $250.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Nanda Kumar $50.00
Phillip Turner $50.00 I hope the ride went well. I believe you have now exceeded your target.
Peter Studley $35.00 Belated! hope it went well!
The Foxes $35.00
Anonymous $20.00
walter rosada $75.00 Go you Hurricanes supporter...
Chanaka De mel $20.00
Farhad Majedi $50.00 Invest back last year's tax deduction
Kimmy Lawrence $370.00 We enjoyed the BBQ Hugh!
Duncan Jones $50.00
Roger Florez $20.00 Vamos Guillermo, rapido, rapido!
Anonymous $50.00 Remember, the up hills are your friends
Alba Jennings $50.00 Good luck and well done!
Peter Adricula $50.00 Good Luck Wei!
Victor Hadianto $104.00 Go mate
Graeme Cutting $100.00 Have a great ride
Declan Tierney $50.00 Push hard to go fast!
Ian Stuart $75.00 Viva L’Espana!
Jess Bray $45.00 Best of luck :)
Jess Bray $50.10 Enjoy the ride :)
Jess Bray $45.00 Best of luck Starlin!
Jess Bray $45.00 Best of luck Cameron!
Jess Bray $45.00 Good luck Paul!
Jess Bray $45.00 Good luck Peter :)
Jess Bray $45.00 Good luck!
Jess Bray $45.00 Good luck Jonathan :)
Jess Bray $45.00 Best of luck Glenn :)
Jess Bray $45.00 Good luck Faz!
Jess Bray $45.00 Best of luck Allan!
Jess Bray $50.00 Good Luck Hugh!
Aya Takeda $50.00 Lee san Gambare!
Jess Bray $10.00 Best of Luck :)
Nikita Newell $100.00 Good luck!
Alice Galvin $100.00 Well worth it to see you in lycra!
Seamus Jones $150.00 Well done dad, Natalie and I are very proud
Kimmy Lawrence $70.00 Riding for a very good cause...
Kimmy Lawrence $70.00 Bien Hecho! Datacom supports you in this challenge
Kimmy Lawrence $60.00 Get a bike photo... with you on the bike!
Kimmy Lawrence $70.00 Well done Starlin!
Kimmy Lawrence $70.00 Well done Cameron!
Kimmy Lawrence $60.00 Riding to ultimately save lives...
Kimmy Lawrence $100.00 Hayden Roulston and Hakatere are behind you!
Russell Theaker $100.00 Well done Faz great cause
William Chik $50.00 Go Faz Go!! Enjoy a safe ride.
Tony McClelland $10.00
Roger Florez $20.00 Go Fast Faz!
Kimmy Lawrence $20.00
Lindsay Barlow $150.00 Best of luck Hugh!
Connie Therkildsen $250.00 You are amazing, so proud of all that you do. Have a great ride!
Marisa Newham $50.00 Congratulations on your team spirit hope you have heaps of fun its a great cause you are cycling for !
Marisa Newham $50.00 Best of Luck hope you enjoy yourself as you are raising money for a really good cause
Daniel Bedkober $20.00 Good luck Faz, happy riding
Chris Daniels $30.00 Good luck Allan!
scott and barb vinall $100.00
scott and barb vinall $100.00
Valerie Goh $50.00
Peter Schouten $50.00
Jonathan Gooding $100.00
Arwen Vant $20.00 Go Allan! Good luck
Allan Swann $50.00
Alister McLeod $50.00 A great cause. Ride like the wind. All the best.
Cath Ahern $150.00 Hugh, you're a machine.
Jenny Fisher $200.00
Reynold Lee $50.00 Have fun
Elena Keith $50.00 All for a great cause and better you than me Hugh.
Malroo Kumarapperuma $50.00
Sumindre Gunawardane $50.00 All the best!
Hilary Therkildsen $50.00 Have a great ride Hughie
Lewis Jones $20.00
Glenn Rowe $50.00
Tony McClelland $5.00
Tony McClelland $5.00
Tony McClelland $20.00
WEI WANG $50.00
Tony McClelland $20.00
Hugh Jones $500.00