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$5.00 goal

Our Story

We have registered for this year's Bobbin Head Cycle Classic on 25 March 2018.
Not only is it a fun, challenging day, it's also a chance to raise much-needed funds for charities such as Lifeline.
Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for Aussies aged 15 to 44?
Today, on average, eight people will end their lives. That's just not right.
Our Cycle Classic fee goes towards supporting services such as grief counselling, addictions, abuse and suicide prevention. We would like to raise more, though - and with your help, we can.
You can make a donation through our fundraising page to each of us individually.
Every dollar counts, and anything over $2 is tax deductible: you'll get a receipt when you donate.
Let's change those statistics, and make the world a brighter, better place for all of us.

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
andrew sanderson    $100.00 $250.00 Donate
philippa sanderson    $100.00 $100.00 Donate
Geoff Duxfield    $100.00 $250.00 Donate
Iain Falshaw    $50.00 $250.00 Donate
Les Crawford    $42.50 $50.00 Donate
Carsten Prien   CAPTAIN $0.00 $5,000.00 Donate
Fiona Webb    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Kevin Mooney    $0.00 $200.00 Donate
Mark Screen    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
andrew leicester    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Lane McCarthy    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
michael stening    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Margaret Crawford    $0.00 $50.00 Donate
george connell    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Claus Maarschalk    $0.00 $100.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Les Crawford $42.50
Geoff Duxfield $100.00
philippa sanderson $100.00
andrew sanderson $100.00
Iain Falshaw $50.00