Our Story

Welcome to the BRITS team page (Bobbo Riders In Tight Shorts, if you're wondering - although 80% of the team are also natives of that far-off land of rain and decent beer...)

We've signed up for this great event to stretch the ageing muscles and tendons, take in a few lungfuls of fresh bushland air and have some fun. But we're also in it for the good of mankind so we're hoping to appeal to your generous spirit here.

The Bobbo is a big fundraising event and supports a number of charities - most of them directly helping people in the local community. 50% of funds go to Lifeline - the personal crisis emergency service which saves hundreds of people from despair and suicide every year. Other charitable causes supported include youth mental health services, victims of domestic violence, special schools and even a hospital in Sierra Leone.

So please donate whatever you can afford to help these charities continue their important work by clicking one of the Donate buttons below. Thank you!

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
peter muffett    $1,300.00 $1,500.00 Donate
Ralph Hale    $575.00 $250.00 Donate
Tom Day    $357.50 $250.00 Donate
Richard Pester   CAPTAIN $205.00 $250.00 Donate
Charles Pester    $1.00 $1.00 Donate
Matthew Dean    $0.00 $500.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
robin wall $50.00 Great effort boys - awesome
Emma Dean $35.00 Well done Tom!
Elisa O’Brien $20.00 Well done Peter!
Peta Arcuri $50.00 Hope the ride went well.
Des Michael $35.00 Nice one Peter!!
Vanessa Avila $50.00
Grainne Creighton $20.00
Kal Dixit $20.00 Good luck boss!
Natasha Metodieva $20.00 Great cause. Good luck Peter
Ellie Ge $50.00 Well done Ralph!! Bobbin Head is beautiful, same as the event and thoughts for charities! :)
Antonius Lay $75.00
Martin Burke $50.00
Swati Prasad $35.00 Good Luck!
Jo Morrow $50.00 Go Ralph!
Timothy Corbett-Winder $20.00 Good luck Mr Peter!
Debora Montesoro $20.00
Michael Sotnyk $20.00 Hope that’s 100k there, and 100k back
Katherine Anderson $20.00 Best of luck Peter! Xx
Martin Kenne $50.00
Michael Scales $20.00 Good luck Peter :)
Susanne Fuerst $100.00 Thanks for making the effort and well done Ralph!!! Bobbin head is beautiful been bushwalking out there but yeah also got some challenging stretches.
Sara Sha’ath $20.00 Good luck!
Rosemary Leamon $100.00 Good luck Ralph
Peter Muffett $200.00
Tanya Vickers $20.00 Brilliant and bonkers - good luck Peter!!
Saleem Tejani $20.00 Go on my son!
Jessica Loizou $50.00 Good luck Peter! Such a great cause
Angie Brooker $50.00
gillian egan $50.00 good luck! try not to fall off the bike :)
Fauzia Malik $20.00 Good luck Peter!
Alex Wordsworth $20.00 Good luck and enjoy Limp Bizkit!
Jason Potts $35.00 Good luck!
Francis Sevier $20.00
Jo Stone $20.00 Good luck Mr Muffett
Alex Daniel $75.00
SJ Monahas $50.00
Alan Reid $50.00 Great cause, good luck Peter.
Fiona Kitson $35.00 Good luck Peter!
Saman Malik $20.00
Franco Amongero $50.00 Great cause!
Christopher Graham $35.00 Sounds like a fantastic cause - go well Tom!
Ian Stuart $20.00 Some talk of Alexander
Angel Heng $20.00
Robbie Lawson $20.00 #frontlinefrontrunner go for it mate
Tim Hill $50.00 Good luck BRITS! Great cause too!
Peter Shandley $35.00
Charles Pester $1.00
Neale Armstrong $50.00 Same bike as Narrow Neck ? Good Luck Ralph !
Neale Armstrong $50.00 Good Luck
Neale Armstrong $50.00 Pedal Fast !
Tom Day $42.50
Anonymous $350.00