$7,942.50 raised so far

$5,000.00 goal

Our Story

We have registered for this year's Bobbin Head Cycle Classic on 25 March 2018.
Not only is it a fun, challenging day, it's also a chance to raise much-needed funds for charities such as Lifeline.
Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for Aussies aged 15 to 44?
Today, on average, eight people will end their lives. That's just not right.
Our Cycle Classic fee goes towards supporting services such as grief counselling, addictions, abuse and suicide prevention. We would like to raise more, though - and with your help, we can.
You can make a donation through our fundraising page to each of us individually.
Every dollar counts, and anything over $2 is tax deductible: you'll get a receipt when you donate.
Let's change those statistics, and make the world a brighter, better place for all of us.

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
Adrian Gratwicke    $2,111.00 $250.00 Donate
Torben Donnerborg    $1,255.00 $500.00 Donate
Andrew Lindsay    $1,177.00 $500.00 Donate
Lee McNab    $908.00 $500.00 Donate
Paddy McDermott   CAPTAIN $718.00 $500.00 Donate
Leonie Furze    $600.00 $250.00 Donate
Mark Sangkuhl    $288.00 $250.00 Donate
Patrick Eustace    $249.50 $250.00 Donate
Rosamund Eustace    $195.00 $250.00 Donate
Steven Millar    $188.00 $250.00 Donate
Darryl Forder    $108.00 $250.00 Donate
Robert Herrmann    $90.00 $250.00 Donate
Sean Eustace    $55.00 $250.00 Donate
Stephen Woodhill    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Dennis Catig    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Rubi Calusic $35.00
Mark Sangkuhl $50.00
Mark Sangkuhl $50.00
Mark Bishop $20.00 Well done buddy
Nigel Essex $50.00
The Mitchells $20.00
Torben Donnerborg $2.00 Thanks Stephanie
Peter Dressler $50.00 Have a great ride for a great cause Andrew.
Michael Laird $50.00 Well done mate - good luck
Ishan Patel $20.00
Simon Alder $50.00 Good work team !
Paul Mahony $100.00
Tom Hansen $20.00
Leonie Furze $22.00 John Mirana
Anonymous $35.00 Good luck, Rose! Pedal hard!
Julian Edwards $50.00
Brendan & Jessie Fitzpatrick $27.00 A great cause - well done Patrick and Rose
Steve Lindsay $50.00 Great effort - have fun !!!
Stuart Laird $50.00
joe oreilly $35.00 good luck Lee, hope you stay on your bike this time.
Lee McNab $60.00 Donation from BR&C Agents Merchandise staff Swan Hill. Thanks guys!
Rodney Musulin $20.00
Richard Campbell $50.00 Well done on the fundraising. Happy trails
Anthony Travers $100.00 Nice one mate
Adrian Gratwicke $35.00
Leonie Furze $40.00 Wednesday's raffle ticket sales
Sarah Windybank $50.00 Best of luck! A road from hell. Glad it’s you & not me....!
Emma Quoy $20.00
Kiki Peterson $50.00
Michael Wheatley $75.00 Pedal hard
Jodie Sheppard $50.00 Pedal on!
ANTHONY ROWAN $100.00 ..... jus' bobbin' along - enjoy the ride
Martin Walker $75.00 Good luck - hope its a dry day
Chris Gadsden $75.00 Go well Adrian
Austin O'Hearn $20.00
Timothy Rowe $104.00 Good luck and it has to help with the other challenge!
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Darryl - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Mark - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Steve - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Patrick - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Leonie - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 from Ruralco Bobbo brunch
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Nabby - stay on the bike - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Andrew - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Torbo - from Ruralco
Paddy McDermott $38.00 Go Adrian - from Ruralco
Roger Leeds $100.00
Anonymous $20.00
Darryl Forder $50.00
Torben Donnerborg $5.00
Torben Donnerborg $20.00 Thanks
Torben Donnerborg $50.00 Thanks
Kevin Tran $50.00
Mark Drake $100.00
Danny Selamet $20.00 Good luck, Torben ...
Saritha Reddy $50.00
Richard Kelliher $20.00
Steven Trinh $20.00 You Rock Torbend!!!
Fong Hew $10.00 You can do it!
Anonymous $35.00
David Gray $200.00 Great cause - good luck Adrian
silvestro morabito $100.00 Great cause. Enjoy the ride.
Erika de Walt $100.00 Good Luck Andrew!
Anonymous $20.00 Good luck Leonie!!
Julie and Ian Hopkins $75.00 Have fun, enjoy!!
Barry & Jo Hutcheson $100.00 Good Luck hope all goes well
Isabel Welch $35.00
Denise Tebbenhoff $20.00 Fantastic cause
Torben Donnerborg $20.00
Jeffrey Cross $20.00
SHANT HOVAGIMIAN $20.00 Go for it Torben!!!
Jeffrey Cross $20.00
Nicholas Donaldson $15.00
Harry W $15.00 Good luck, have fun :)
Najla Eid $50.00 Go Rose!
Robyn Shuttleworth $5.00 Well Done Patrick, an important cause. Another activity to tick off the bucket list aswell!
Robyn Shuttleworth $5.00 Go Rose!!! <3 :D
Robyn Shuttleworth $5.00 Go Sean! This should be a walk in the park
carl poingdestre $50.00 Remember, it's not a race. Enjoy.
Chrissy Wyse $20.00 A very impressive effort Andrew and goodluck!
Rob & Kay LINDSAY $100.00 Proud of your efforts. Have fun!
Terry & Fiona Zambonetti $104.00 Amazing effort Andrew!
Andrea Blake $50.00 Well done ! Enjoy
Anonymous $100.00 Have fun!
Patrick Eustace $57.00 Enjoy the ride😊 great cause👍
Wallace Wong $50.00
Wallace Wong $50.00
Wallace Wong $100.00
Janet Morgan $75.00 Your a better man than I
Jenny Hendricks $50.00 Awesome Lee! Good luck for a great ride x
stuart Quinn $50.00
Troy Furze $50.00 Good Luck Leonie :)
Richard Kelliher $50.00
Joe Losinno $20.00 For a great cause. Well done.
Nick Elias $50.00 all the best Adrian
Vicki Wright $100.00 Have fun Adrian!
David Gunn $35.00 The kilt offer is still there this year! Good luck
David Gunn $100.00 Both hands on the handlebars please!
Alice Lean $50.00
Torben Donnerborg $50.00 Thanks Nancy
Elizabeth Hardaker $104.00
Emma Roche $150.00
Emma Roche $150.00
Tim Higgins $104.00
John Tuskin $104.00
Keith Singleton-Turner $35.00 Go Torben, you legend!
John Wang $30.00 Good Luck Torben !
Emma Kirkham $20.00 Good Luck Torben
Sharon Davidson $35.00
sara Ashrafi $35.00 you will ride and cross the line in a flash for an excellent cause :) then we can celebrate with Wine wohoo :) xx
Maurice Veliz $100.00
JILLIAN MORSCH $50.00 Good luck Robert
Nicole Kavanagh $10.00 Good luck, Lee!
Joe Losinno $20.00 For a great cause. Well done mate.
Sarah Crosby $20.00 Go Leonie
Scott Reed-Stephenson $50.00
Leonie Furze $30.00 From Thel & Diane
Thomas Newton $50.00 All the best Leonie. For a great cause.
Leonie Furze $60.00
Martine Lefebvre $50.00 Good cause!
David Buckner $75.00
Patrick Eustace $25.00 See you on the day 😊
Amanda Moraitis $10.00 Go Lee!
Amanda Moraitis $20.00 GO PADDY!!! :)
Kelsie Blake $20.00
Andrew Souter $35.00
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck Torben!
Lee McNab $20.00 Glad to be riding with you Pat!
Ayesha Sadiq $20.00
Travis Dillon $100.00
Stuart Larkin $50.00 Slow Learner?
Paddy McDermott $20.00 Go Patrick - first in the tandem class!
Patrick Eustace $50.00 Enjoy the ride :) see you for breakfast.
Patrick Eustace $50.00 No bludging on the back:)
Patrick Eustace $20.00 All the best :)
Patrick Eustace $20.00 Good luck:)
Patrick Eustace $20.00 See you on the day :)
Patrick Eustace $42.50
Sophie Katsabanis $50.00
Nick Sice $35.00
Sarah Crosby $20.00
Sarah Crosby $20.00
Asha McDermott $50.00
Lee McNab $10.00 Donation from Terry Vallance, BR&C Agents.
Lee McNab $20.00 Glad you can make it Rob. Be a pleasure to ride with you.
Adam Sharp $50.00 Good luck and enjoy the hills! A very worthy cause
Warwick Peatling $20.00 Go for it Leonie!!
Ann Murray $100.00 Hey boss. Expect more funny antics this year. Go well, be safe.
Mark Randell $50.00
Travis Dillon $200.00
Jeni Pitman $75.00
Paddy McDermott $20.00 Go Rob!
Robert Herrmann $20.00 All the best Lee, can you wait for me at the top of the hills? :-)
Tony Heydeman $35.00 Better you than me mate!
Stewart Kerr $20.00 Hope the tricycle works this year Nabby and you don't fall off !!
Robert Herrmann $20.00 All the best Paddy, not sure if this ride will make you a lot better looking :-)
Nicole Camilleri $10.00
Stuart Carruthers $100.00
Elizabeth Hardaker $100.00
Aziz Jabali $20.00 Well done Torben
Stu Cooke $50.00 Mate, rather you than me ;)
Torben Donnerborg $20.00
Torben Donnerborg $10.00
Aaron Simmons $50.00
Alwis Samuel $50.00 Excellent Torben! Keep going!
Paddy McDermott $10.00 Go Torb. You can do it!