2019 Bobbin Head Cycle Classic

$885.00 raised so far

$500.00 goal

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I'm part of team: Ruralco

My Story

Clearly I am a slow learner, and again volunteering to have my overly-generous frame shoe-horned and squeezed into ill-fitting lycra and embarrass myself by riding 'up hill and down dale' amongst svelte and fit athletes...well not so much as amongst...more behind, behind and further behind...

'Why?' I hear you ask...'put yourself through this level of pain and angst'...

Simply put I figure that my physical pain is only fleeting. The emotional turmoil that many people experience in life's journey is far more important, and if by raising some money and helping to fund Lifeline to be there for people when needed, I feel that this is a worthwhile exercise.

Soooo...chuck something into the pot, feel better about yourself and smile smugly in your 'schadenfreude' knowing that you have provided encouragement for me to ignore the burn, and push on up the seemingly never-ending Akuna Bay hill...amongst all the other hard climbs that bring out uncontrollable swearing outbursts in me...

Name Amount Comment
Aislyn Warth $35.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00 Don't fall off
Jenny Hendricks $50.00 Go Lee! Hope it's a great, fun day for you :-)
Hayden Hogan $20.00 Good luck mate
Haley Charnock $50.00 All the best Nab! Not long now 😬
Kelsie Blake $20.00
Carolyn Wooldridge $50.00 Good luck on the hills, remember all for a good cause.
Jennifer Boxall $25.00
Melanie Lia $20.00 Good Luck Lee
Lynda Dunn $100.00 Good on you Lee! You're awesome for giving it a go. Hope this helps ease the pain on the hill.
3SH Gaddo $150.00 Go well young man...
Claire Bond $50.00 On ya bike then Lee!
Chris Hamilton $50.00 You go for it Nabby. I'm kicking the tin to apportion the pain I wont feel. I was going to do it but am going to a mate's 60th in Glen Innes instead. As us old cyclists say, "Hills are your friend (NOT)
Ann Murray $100.00 Onya Boss. You are a worthwhile individual....and you don't look like a stocking full of walnuts in lycra. You go boy!
Stuart Larkin $50.00 A sucker for punishment!
Jeni Pitman $50.00
David Gunn $50.00 Good Luck Lee - look forward to the photos!
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